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To travel is to tell a story. A traveler is nothing but a story-teller, one who beautifully weaves stories about his myriad experiences gathered from all around the world. We, at The Road Journal, aim to share our stories and experiences with the greater masses that could help you to embark on your own little adventure. We believe that traveling is about getting to know and experience the very essence of a place, it’s about hearing and collecting stories from the locals that help you dive deep into the very soul of a particular place, it’s about interacting and connecting with people from different walks of life that you meet along the way, it’s about dancing on the beach with your loved ones under a moonlit sky to the sound of the waves crashing down, it’s about bonfire nights in the snowy mountains, it is about teaching a new language in a faraway country, it’s about staying with the locals and getting a taste of their lives. Therefore, our goal is to share with you the intricate details about a particular place ranging from the local cuisines and places to explore to finding the right kind of accommodation so that you get to experience the very essence of a place and weave stories of your own.

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